Dentist SEO

dental seo for dentistsJust like you there are many other dentists who have websites. Dental websites does not come cheap and you realize that just having a website does not bring in the patients or allow potential patients to find and visit your website. If you want visitors to find your dental practice when they have a sore tooth, you need SEO for Dentists.

What does a dentist know about search engine optimization (dental SEO)? Probably as much as we know about fixing holes in teeth. Just as you are a specialist in dentistry, we are SEO specialists that help people find dentists on search engines.

How can SEO for dentists help you?

Let us say that you want to take your wife out for dinner and you want a good maxican restaurant not too far from where you live. Obviously you will consult Google and search for mexican restaurants in your city or suburb. Google will show a list of potential restaurants that meet your criteria. You might also see a map with directions to all the restaurants in the area.

Your dental patients do the exact same thing when they want to find a good dentist. They use difference keywords such as dentist in johannesburg and dental services Johannesburg. Our job is to find the most valuable keywords people search for when looking for your dental services. We then make sure with sound SEO processes that you are found when people search for your dental services.

We are ethical in how we deal with our clients and will never have 2 dentists as clients fighting for the same geo-targeting market. We have also worked extensively with various prosthodontists and other dental specialists in South Africa.

We would love to help you get more clients for your dental practice. Complete the form and we will call your for a detailed discussion of what is needed for your website to rank high in search engines. Remember that if you are not on page one of Google, your competitors will be That means that they get all the patients and not you.

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