Common SEO myths that make people think SEO is a waste of time and money.

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As time goes by, SEO has been changing and improving constantly, and this sophistication has led to a lot of misunderstanding on how exactly search engines work.

According to Hari Menon, there are a lot of misconceptions that for a long time now, have been associated with SEOs and while some are issues that can be easily spelt out, there are those that need more than just an explanation to elucidate.

SEO no longer works

For more than 10 years, reporters, pundits, business owners, and marketing experts have consistently claimed that SEO is dead. However, there is enough evidence that shows the dramatic effects on website as a result of SEO. As search engines frequently update their algorithms to avert fraud, SEO easily evolves to fit into the new standards. Therefore, there is no way SEO is neither dead nor is it dying at anytime soon.

SEO has no expertise

This is one the myths that has been around for quite some time now. Google uses over 200 elements to determine the ranking of keywords. This is really not an easy nor a quick job as some people might think. It requires professional experts to be done correctly so as to improve the website traffic time and again. A business can’t therefore pick any person it comes around to take care of its SEO needs.

Local SEO makes no difference

One mistake that many business marketers always do is conflating local SEO with the entire SEO. A credible report from Google indicates that 9 out of 10 consumers make use of search engines to find local information. In addition, 80% of consumers search look for local information. As such, the report concludes that businesses can realize a huge positive impact by optimizing for local.


Businesses require SEO to improve brand awareness, local foot traffic and digital visibility. Otherwise, marketers who instill the above SEO myths in their minds will have a hard time trying to realize meaningful results.

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