Analyzing a website’s traffic

Analyzing web traffic statistics can prove invaluable for many reasons. You must first understand how to interpret this data before you can take full advantage of it. Many web hosting companies will provide basic web traffic information, which you must interpret and make use of. It can be difficult to understand the information you receive from your hosting company and how it applies to your specific business and website. Let’s begin with the most basic data. This is the average visitor to your site each day, week, and month. These figures provide the best measure of your website’s activity. You might think that the more visitors you have, the better your website is doing. But this is a false perception. 

To gauge your website’s effectiveness, you need to also consider the behaviour of visitors when they visit your site. A lot of people are confused about the meaning of “hits” and the true value of quality traffic to your site. Hits simply mean the number of information requests the server has received. The number of pages viewed by a visitor is what a hit means. A website with 15 graphics may be referred to as a hit. This is because the server considers that a visitor has visited your homepage 15 times. As you can see hits are ineffective for analyzing website traffic. Your interpretation will be more accurate, the more visitors visit your website. The more visitors you have to your website the more accurate your analysis of trends in visitor behaviour. An analysis can be affected by anomalous visitors. 

A smaller number of visitors will cause it to look less accurate. It is important to analyze web traffic statistics in order to see how your site is performing. To determine this, you can use web traffic statistics to see how long visitors spend on your site on average. If visitors spend very little time on your site it is likely that there is an underlying issue. It is then up to you to determine what the problem might be. Perhaps your keywords are not directing the right type of visitors to your site. Or maybe your graphics are confusing and intimidating. This could cause visitors to quickly leave. The information you gather about the amount of time that visitors spend on your site can be used to pinpoint problems. You can then use this data to measure how effective your fixes were. 

Website traffic statistics can be used to identify areas that are effective and ineffective. It’s important to pay attention if visitors leave a page you consider important, but they are not returning. It is possible to make the link to your page more visible and inviting, or improve the appearance of the page so that visitors have easy access to the required information. If you notice that your visitors spend too much time on pages you consider less important, it might be worth shifting some of the sales copy and marketing focus there. These statistics can reveal important information about pages’ effectiveness as well as visitor behaviour and motivation. This is critical information for any Internet marketing campaign. Your website will likely have exit pages such as a contact form or final order. 

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This page can be expected to be exited quickly by your visitor. But, not every visitor will find exactly what they’re looking for. Statisticians may be able to show you different exit pages. This is normal unless exit trends are noticed on pages that are not designated as exit pages. To determine why a significant amount of your visitors are leaving your website through a page not intended for that purpose, examine that page carefully. You can fix any weaknesses by making minor changes to the page or the graphics. This will help keep visitors from leaving your site. After you’ve reviewed your visitor statistics, it is time for you to turn your attention to your keywords. Note which keywords and phrases are driving a particular type or visitor to your site. The more specific the visitor is (meaning they find the information they seek on your site), the more valuable that keyword is. However, you should change a keyword if you discover that many visitors are being directed, or worse, misdirected, to your website by a particular phrase or keyword. Keywords are critical to attracting quality visitors to the site who are interested in doing business with you. 

A close analysis of the keywords your visitors use to locate your site will allow you to gain valuable insight into their motivations and needs. You should also notice that people are searching for your website by entering your company name. This means that your brand recognition is high, and it’s a sign of growing success.

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